Our Approach

We believe that focusing exclusively on external threats is a losing proposition as it overlooks the weakest element of organizational defense - people.    

Axsum is a software tool and an associated set of services developed by former senior U.S. intelligence officers with years of experience conducting human collection operations.  Our first hand experiences identifying and exploiting critical vulnerabilities in human infrastructure is the basis for our belief that any organization can be compromised by nefarious individuals.


Axsum is a radically new and unique approach to organizational security.  Deep analytics, informed by decades of cutting edge real world experiences, identify threats originating inside an organization’s “circle of trust.” We fuse human resource management systems with network security and public records to provide senior executives with insights into overall organizational risks and granular details needed to identify problems before they manifest themselves into an actual loss.


Using analytical tools to ingest existing cyber defense and HRM data sets, Axsum maps patterns to build individual baseline behaviors and norms. Axsum assess on an individual and aggregate basis, what constitutes  “normal” patterns and provide leaders at all levels the tools needed to identify threats to organizations data, assets, and personnel - proactively, in advance, and in real time. These risks run the gamut from intellectual property theft, information loss/destruction, to work place harassment and violence.  Our approach breaks down internal barriers to information sharing that block effective prevention and response actions.

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Our Team
Christopher Griffin 
Alex Bolling

Chris Griffin

Co-founder, Axusm 



Prior to founding Axsum, Chris served for 25 years in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations.  Among his significant assignments, Chris served as the Strategic Planner for the CIA mission and footprint in South Asia, and as a manager for major Covert Action Programs. In these positions, Chris routinely represented CIA at the National Security Council, before Congress, and the Department of Defense.


In the private sector, Chris has served as the operations manager for a networking and systems integration company supporting US Government clients. Chris is a graduate of the US Army War College Advanced Strategic Arts Program, and is a former US Army Officer.

Alex Bolling

Co-founder, Axsum 


Alex served 28 years in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations as Chief of Station and Deputy Chief of Station in several war Zones in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia. Alex was Chief of Operations of the CIA’s Information Operations Center (IOC) where he was responsible for orchestrating multi-disciplined cyber collection against terrorism and counterintelligence targets.


After leaving Government Service, he was Chief Security Officer for a defense IT company with over 20,000 employees, where he established the Corporate Insider Threat Program.

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